I do!  I really do love blogging!  But, lately, I have begun having ‘spam’ problems, and I do not like it!  Actually, I keep getting these stupid comments from ‘anonymous’…that are about  all sorts of crazy things.  I do NOT want to have the crazy letters for everyone to have to type in to comment.  I, personally, despise those things.  But, is there any other way to prevent it?  I have some friends who comment as Anonymous…but then sign their name at the bottom.

I do not have time to mess with this right now.  Christmas is upon us and I have better things to do than try to keep my blog site neat and tidy.  I’m having trouble enough trying to keep my home neat and tidy!  If you have a suggestion, please pass it along.  I realize that, in the grand scheme of things, this is minor.  But, it is really bugging this blogger.

Thanks for any help you may can give!

Hope to post pictures of my Christmas decorations tomorrow!