Several of you have asked about my husband, and how he is doing. He does feel some better. He went to get the appliance for the TMJ, and they are making it now.
However, our neurologist , who is sending us to Birmingham, is dragging his feet. We have been out of the hospital for a week now. We got home last Thursday. I called the dr. office on Friday to make sure they were making the appt. , and to give them my cell phone number, so I would not miss their call. They assured me they were on top of it. No word Monday or Tuesday…so I called them Tuesday afternoon to see what was happening. All was well, they said. The doc was going to discuss the appt. with Don on his visit Wednesday morning. O.K. So, he goes in on Wednesday, and the doc doesn’t know why the appt. hasn’t been made…but never fear…HE is on it now and he says ,”You will hear from us tomorrow!”. That was yesterday…guess what? You got it! At around 4:00. Don called the office and they told him that they make all their calls around closing time…so the phone nurse would call soon. Guessing time again! You smart friends…you KNOW we did not hear. So, this morning, the office manager will get a call from me just as soon as their office opens. This is ridiculous. Here we are waiting for an appt. for a possible life threatening condition…and they can’t get around to making an appt. I mean…how much time does it take to make a phone call, and set it up. Is there anyone, anywhere who operates an efficient office anymore? Does anyone do what they SAY they will do? I’m sure if it was their family, they would have been no delay. I have tried to be patient and let things occur in their own time. I am not a patient person….actually…I am a very impatient person. But, this is something the Lord has helped me with through the years, and I have learned how to “REST” and not get my panties in a wad. But, I’ve reached my limit…my panties are so wadded up…I just may have to throw them away. So…now I am going to “PUT ON MY BIG GIRL PANTIES…AND DEAL WITH IT!!!” Say a little prayer…, not for me…for the girls in that office!