I don’t mean to sound so negative lately, BUT…I think I just need to vent. My grief today if swim suits. Now, I know swim suits are of the devil :), but what bugs me so much is this. Why is it that when you see an article on “swimsuits to fix every figure flaw”……the models HAVE no figure flaws! They are as thin as I was in 8th grade…(but way more developed). A suit for a flabby tummy…she’s anorexic. She wouldn’t know flab if it hit her in the face. And for those with “ample bosom”…well if THAT is ample…..someone needs an optometrist. Oh, and for those with a “larger thigh area”…..let’s just say her thighs can barely hold up her body. I know you have seen these articles. There are even some on the internet….saying they’ve found the suits for “REAL WOMEN”. Well, it doesn’t get any more real than this…my stomach pooches out, I have saddlebags like my grandma, and my bosom is ample enough for me, thank you very much. Can you find a suit to fix all those things? I have come to the realization that I am never…NEVER going to like the way I look in a swimsuit. I do want to look my best, but “my best” will NEVER be in a swimsuit! And, life will go on. I am going to Hawaii in 43 days, 8 hours and 1 minute with my 2 best friends. And I am going to go swimming in the pool. I’m going to lay on the beach, and lounge by the pool. This body has served me well and I’m going to treat it to a vacation in the sun. Now if I somehow magically lose 20 pounds before then…I show you a picture….if not…you’ll have to be content with a picture of a lovely island sunset.