Very quickly let me share with you what I have experienced tonight.

This was the night of visitation at the funeral. It was to be from 6-8. The family met there at 5:00 to view her body and get prepared for the evening. At 5:40, the director came and said, is it OK if we let folks in now…there are already 50 people in line?! And so they came… and they came steadily for the next 2 1/2 hours! Many of you who read this blog came. And everyone’s face had a smile…as they told us how Mom had impacted their lives, or how she changed their lives…or what she had taught them…or the example she set.

And every story warmed my heart. And every story made me feel proud. Not because of what I had done, but because she was MY mother. And every story blessed me with comfort.

But, most of all…every story honored her. It honored her time, and work, and energies spent in the service of the Lord. It honored her commitment to the great work of the church and the role she played in it. It honored her in front of her loved ones.

I feel that because she honored Him with her life…He honored her in her death. Even though her health had been a little shaky lately, she did not become ill and suffer long. She did not die in some sort of tragic accident where there would have been great pain. The most pain she felt was maybe 5 minutes. And, then he mercifully took the feeling of pain from her as she lapsed into a coma. She did not slip into the clutches of dementia and leave us looking after only her body. She was able minded and ‘just a little less’ than able bodied up until the moment the cerebral hemorrhage started.

God was so kind and gracious to her. I think He was very pleased with how she lived the life he gave her. And, so, when He decided it was time for her to go home…He chose to honor her in death.

That is a great comfort to this daughter.

‘Night Mom…I was so proud of you tonight!