Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for Adam yesterday and today. Funny how things can change in a matter of moments, isn’t it? And it seems as though everything stops but what you are focused on.

He got out of the hospital at 3 this morning and had to be back at the Dr. office at 1. He told Adam that the surgery went perfectly. One of the retinas was completely detached, the other just torn. The longer the wait, the worse the outcome. Which is why they operated at 10 last night. He put a laser seal on both eyes to try to prevent this happening again. AGAIN? Yes, it could happen again, because of the way his eye is made. The doctor said this happening had nothing to do with the implants he had a few weeks ago. Now…the hardest part is going to be this…he has to stay completely face down for a week. While he is awake, while he is asleep…while he is doing anything! Bless his heart…but he can do it.

I have to say a word here about my daughter-in-love. Suzanne is so good to my boy. She loves him and cares for him just as I would. All this medical hoopla that comes with the ‘Owens’ name, has been new to her…but she has handled it with strength and courage and a wonderful attitude. I thank God for her everyday, and I thank her for being so clearly ‘exactly what Adam needs’.

Friends, God is good. He is mighty. He is worthy of all praise and glory…and I thank Him with my whole being!