Dear Friends,

This morning I called my Mom about noon to check on her. She was not feeling good last night. She said she didn’t feel good, but that she was better. She told me about what she was cooking Pop for lunch, and asked about how the boys all were. Then she had to go because she heard Pop coming in and she had his potato fritters ready to fry.

After lunch, they both lay down on facing couches for their nap. In a few minutes, she was up and saying she hurt…then she began hollering with the pain and told Pop to call 911. He did, and they came and said that she would be fine…this was not life threatning. Joy went on to meet Pop at the hospital. It seems that while she was in the ambulance, she became unresponsive. As soon as they got her to the hospital, they put her on the ventillator. After XRay and CT…it was determined that she had had a massive stroke in the cerebellun.

The entire family who are in Dothan had gathered, and our pastor…they waited with us for the DR. to talk to us. The bleed had occurred in the cerebellum, the brain stem was affected, and spinal fluid was compromised. There was the possibility that surgery may give her back a small amount of function…or kill her immediately. But, if she lived, she would have had to have skilled care for the rest of her life. We did not want her to live like that…she would not have wanted to live like that. And, so…we did nothing. They moved her to ICU so they could monitor her. We were waiting for Ian to arrive from Birmingham, and Ben to arrive from his guard duty. As soon as every one was there…we removed the ventilator. She struggled to breath…and we thought she was going to leave us then. However, her breathing got better…her color got better…and her heart remained strong. We sent everybody home about midnight,so Pop and Joy and I sat with her. We talked to her and sang to her. About 1:45 she stoped the labored breathing, and took very shallow breaths. Her heart rate also slowed way down. And…one minute she was with us…and the next, she was with Jesus. At 1:53.

After attending to the necessary paperwork, Pop and Joy and I each went our separate ways. No one wanted any company…we wanted, I think, to put it all in place in our minds. She was with us this morning and tonight she is in Heaven.

Tomorrow we will get together to plan the funeral.
I have some more very interesting things to tell you. How amazingly God worked.
His hand was seen everywhere.

I may not be posting for a few days…please forgive me, But, I’ll be back in a day or two.

I covet your prayers for strength, and wisdom, and patience. I’m here to testify to you that God Almighty is on His Throne! He alone is worthy of our adoration and praise. And, I praise him for having such tender mercies toward my Mother.

Rest well, Sweet Mother…I love you!