Just a quick note to let you sweet friends know that all is well. The surgery went fine, and the Dr. was able to remove the ‘area of concern’. Don should recover well, and be back to his normal routine in a day or four…well, you know how men are! 🙂

I am so proud of my boys for looking after their Dad so well. They took care of everything and made this Mom even prouder of them. Don and I are so blessed to have these wonderful sons. God is good!

The news from the surgery is great…BUT, I have some more news to share with you. AND, it is even better! But, it will have to wait till tomorrow. Scooter is getting sicker and sicker. I have been having to take him out every hour or so…day and night. I haven’t really slept in 3 nights! So, if you’ll just kindly wait till tomorrow to hear my other good news…I just think I’ll try to sneak in a few more hours of sleep!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, your sweet concern, and your prayers to our Father. You bless me, and fill my heart with gratitude for your friendship. God bless you!