Seems as if I am always coming to you, my friends, for prayer, doesn’t it? I am so blessed to have the kind of friends who are always at the ready!

My DH is in Birmingham. He went to see a new Dr. on the advice of his This came immediately after a routine colonoscopy last week. He and Alex went up on Sunday because Alex had an appt. with a new eye Dr. on Mon afternoon. Anyway…I stayed here with Scooter, and to be at work, due to upcoming programs.

This morning at 10:00, Don will be having surgery in Birmingham. He and Alex are in a motel attached to the hospital. Ian starts his new job in Birmingham today, so he is not available till this evening. That leaves Alex to see about Don before and after surgery. He is very happy to do this, but whether he is able is another thing. I should be there, but I am not. I am here. Not that I couldn’t go. My boss, B, would send me off without a question. But, Alex has begged me not to board Scooter. He is very near leaving us and needs to be with one of us.

So, now you understand about the ice cream. 🙂

And, such, is the life I have lived since marriage 34 years ago. Always torn, needing to be in 2 or 3 places at once. What to do? Where to go?

This I know. Whether I am there or not, my sweet Lord is. He will stand next to the Dr. while he operates. He will whisper in his ear as he looks after Don. He will guide the hands of the nurses as they minister to him. He will be there in my stead. He will be with Alex while he is in a strange place, and be his eyes to guide him as he tries to navigate in a hospital he is not familiar with. He will soothe Scooter as I am at work today. And, He will give me peace as I go about the things I must do. How do I know all this? All I had to do was ask!