We returned from Birmingham late Wednesday evening. The Lord blessed us with great weather. It would have been hard to believe it had snowed there on Sunday, if we had not seen a few piles of the white stuff scattered around town. It was sunny and in the 60s. Just beautiful!

We went straight to the doctor when we arrived on Tuesday. We were very pleased with his report. The surgery that was done last year is still working well. He was very thorough. Mom has had some severe infections and they have left her with some nerve damage. The infection has completely cleared up and he thinks he can help her with the nerve pain she is having. He prescribed some medication which may take up to 2 weeks to start working. But, it should be a big help. So, we are happy that we have something to try. We are believing that this will be an answer to some of her discomfort. We are trusting God to work all this out in her body and heal her. She deserves nothing less.

SO…then Mom was really tired from the trip up and the doctor visit…and we took her to the motel to rest. Since Joy and I wanted her to get the best rest possible, we decided to vacate the premises…so she could rest better. We got in the car to drive around, and do you know what we discovered?!? We ‘just happened’ to be in a motel located right next to the Summit!!!!(That’s the best outdoor shopping mall in B’ham, for those of you not from the South). Can you believe our luck??? And, since we did not have any place to be for the next few hours (since we wanted Mom to get some good rest), we just drove up there to ‘look around’. It was such a pretty day, we got out of the car to walk around and enjoy the beautiful flowers and statues. We may have walked into a few of the stores here and there, I forget. But, I do seem to remember trying on some clothes, so I’m sure we must have gone inside somewhere! We were able to while away a few hours there…then (as luck would have it) there happened to be a PFChang’s…right there in the shopping center. There was also a Cheesecake Factory…but, Joy was just whining for some Chinese food. Being the kind-hearted sister, that I am…I gave in to her wishes. That…and SHE was the one driving…and she said the car would not go in the direction of TCF. We went in and ordered TONS of food…to go. Because it would not have looked too ladylike to try to eat all that in public!!! And, we wanted to eat with Mom. When we got back to the motel, Mom was waking up. So, here’s a picture of our feast! I won’t show you the one I made of ‘someone’ eating chocolate cake after the chicken fried rice, and egg rolls, and sweet and sour chicken.

We all had a good night’s sleep, and leisurely got ready for the day. We packed up and loaded the car, and headed out in search of breakfast. Here are Mom and Joy, ready to go!

Mom looked so pretty, I just wanted to give her a hug and a kiss. Well…she was having none of that! She always did like Joy best.

Finally! She knew if she didn’t act right we would not be going to Talbot’s for her dress!

We went to Panera Bread for breakfast. ATTENTION ‘B’ CLUB GIRLS….the same one we all met in…I thought of y’all! Then to Talbot’s. While in the dressing room, Joy noticed her diamond earring was missing! So (being the good, kind, and loving servant of a sister that I am, Mom and I went back to the motel to search the room, since she UNWISELY laid them on the bench at the end of the bed!!! I searched on my hands and knees…but no earring. She had stayed at Talbot’s to finish her shopping…and called me as I was walking out of the door of the motel…she found it in the garbage can in the dressing room!! Oh, she’s so lucky to have me! We then went into Pottery Barn and another store or 2, and decided to head home! We all wanted to make one more stop at a place (Sikes and Kohns) full of jeans and shoes, and lots of other things we needed. Here, Joy and I are leaving with our treasures. 3 pairs of shoes don’t take up nearly as much room…or look so suspicious… if you leave the boxes in the store…I’m just saying! We made it back to Dothan before dark, unpacked the car, and went to bed early.

We always have so much fun when we are together. And, this time was no exception…other than the fact that Mom wasn’t feeling quite as perky as usual. We laughed and talked and laughed and played and talked and sang and laughed some more. One of the things we discussed was how blessed we are to have the relationship we do. I know there are some families that do not get along with one another. Things go wrong and bad feelings are harbored, and there is no forgiveness. Years pass and things go unsaid, and those precious times are lost. There is never a way to get those missed times back. Thankfully, we have forgiven each other when necessary, and forgotten things that may have caused us upsets, and just ignored others. Few things are as important of enjoying your family. As Pop says, “we squeeze every moment to get all the good out of it we can!” I am so thankful that we 3 had these 2 days together. In the midst of our fun, we made plans for our next trip together. And, that’s the way it should be…enjoying the good times we have with one another…helping each other when needed…going the extra mile if necessary…and looking forward to doing it all over again! (I’m not sure that leaving the shopping center to go search for your sister’s earring while she stays there shopping her heart out…while you are on your hands and knees on a yuck carpeted motel floor exactly qualifies as one of these times…Maybe I just need to let that experience ‘slip my mind’!:))

Thank-you for all your comments and prayers for Mom. Please continue to remember her when you pray! You bloggy friends are the best!
NOTE: I am VERY behind on my blog reading, but will try to catch up this weekend!