The day started off wrong. I think it is just a cruel joke by the’ powers that be ‘when all the electricity goes out in your house just as you step into the shower! I mean, you are partially wet, and can’t see to get a towel…so a shower in the dark seems the only way to go. Well, showering and praying, actually. Praying that you’ll have electricity by the time you get out so you can dry your hair! Prayer works! It came on just as the hot water was beginning to give out! P.S. I did not attempt to shave my legs…just so you know…

By the time I had gathered all the stuff I had to take with me today, I was waaaay behind schedule! And, to top it all off, the car was running on fumes because I was too tired to fill it up last night. So, gas station…back home to pick up food for luncheon that I forgot…out to Creek House to check on a few things…then on to work!

I have been able to kinda coast at school since the program. Gives me time to catch up on clean up and putting up the stuff I have been too busy to do for a while! Then we had our teacher luncheon after school. This is the one that was supposed to be at my house…IF I had moved in the first time I thought we were. But, that’s OK…I’m not bitter! 🙂 It’s coming soon enough!

Back to the house after the luncheon. Then to the fabric store to get burlap (I’ll explain that later)…to Office Max to buy an external hard drive. I did not even know what that was until today. I have 8 boxes of CD’s (each hold 60), and they need to be loaded onto a hard drive so that the electronic people at the house can program them into the music system. The music system that I will probably never understand how to work, but which they say is simple. Myself, I am just happy with an old boom box that has only 2 or 3 buttons. Too many things to learn for an old lady! A stop by Dairy Queen for a delicious, nutritious supper…complete with a blizzard of a dessert. Then home…and off the feet. I am not moving until 7:oo in the AM. I am not even drinking anything so I won’t have to get up to go potty!

Have a blessed tomorrow!