Had school, then on to Creek House. The pool is finished! Looks great. Problems with putting up the fencing…but Don is working it out. A few problems with the inside fireplace, but working on those, too. The landscapers continue to enhance the outside!

Left to take Mom to the Doctor. The builder called just as I was leaving, and said to” come back”…they were hanging mirrors and needed my input. So back over to give them my OK.
While locking up, Don had trouble with a door locking…the builder tries…and the lock came off in his hand! That is the second time that has happened. They already sent someone to ‘fix it’ one time…but obviously, not too well. Don and our builder were both furious! Some one got an irate call last night…I bet that door will be really fixed today!

Then a stop at Lowes for broom and hangers and such. They do not have simple wooden stools there! On to Wal Mart to pick one up…then a fast run to a BBQ place for food for the family.

Home and now it is time to get up and get ready for work. Teacher’s luncheon, then back to Creek House to check in. We have help line up to start the move on Friday! Ready or not…here we come!