Late last evening as I was getting ready to take Scooter out for a ‘stroll’, I discovered that he had thrown up…sometime earlier. I was sure of this because I had to scrub the floor to clean it up. But, clean it up, I did.

This morning, soon after I woke up, I realized that I was not going to be leaving my house any time soon. Let it suffice to say that the reason I was spending so much time in the bathroom had nothing to do with decorating! Oh, the agony! You’ve been there.

A little while later, Alex calls to me, saying he needs help, “NOW!”. I go to his room to find him holding towels saying, “Scooter just threw up again. Here, I cleaned it up.” And, I took the towels straight to the washer.

Meanwhile, I was alternating between trips to the bathroom, and stopping by the kitchen to take another Imm*dium. After about 4 (Imm*dium, not bathroom trips), I began to feel a little better. A little.

Moms can not rest, though. No matter how bad they feel. Time for Scooter to take another trip to the ‘great outdoors’. Now, I do not want to be graphic here, but, it was obvious. as I waited on the other end of the leash…that Scooter and I were experiencing something in common. Only…his had progressed to a dangerous stage. I came in and called the vet and they said they would see him right away. So, saying a quick prayer for the good Lord to put a stop to ‘things’ for me, I took off to the vet. Seems he ate something that did not ‘agree’ with him or it could just be a virus. Oh, he was a sick dog. Two shots, some internal meds, and 2 more prescriptions for the next few days. He has spent the afternoon laying around on the floor or in his bed.

I have spent the afternoon laying around on the couch or in my bed. Today was not a day fit for ‘man nor beast’ (or woman nor dog, either)!
Alcohol…Coffee…Onions…Garlic…Grapes…Chocolate…Macadamia Nuts…Yeast