Part of our furniture has arrived! The COUCHES for the den came today and they look even better than I thought they would. These pictures do not capture the true color and richness of the fabric. When you see just a swatch of fabric, it is sometimes hard to imagine it all over the piece…at least it is for me. But, I am very happy with the way it blends with this…

MY CHAIR! I love my chair! Our architect and designer found this and said it would be perfect for the room. We went to see it, and he was right! At least I thought so. Don…not so much. To be fair though, it really didn’t fit him as well. But, I looked divine sitting in it and it fit me to a ‘T’! The back and sides are horse hair!!! Can you believe it? But, no animal was sacrificed for MY chair. This horse lived out his days quietly munching apples from a tree in the pasture, with an occasional lump of sugar from the adorable kids who lived nearby. A kind and gentle woman would rub his coat down at night and cover him with a lovely hand stitched blanket. Then she gave him loads of fresh hay and sang him to sleep. She ever so kindly left a tiny night light on in his stall for comfort. He ‘jumped the fence’ to that great pasture in the sky quietly and without distress. At least that’s what I think the lady at the furniture store said.

Our bed has also arrived. But, still waiting for the rest…and still looking for chairs for my beautiful table!