Last week, Levi and I had to run into Hobby Lobby for me to pick up one or 50 things.  Truly, that’s usually what happens…but, not today…what with a little helper tagging along!  And, since he thinks he is too big to ride in the buggy anymore,  it’s harder for me to keep my eye on him.  So in and out!

I had explained to him on the ride there that we were not buying stickers or candy or toys or anything today, except my paint.   Because, truth be told, he loves Hobby Lobby and can always find something that he needs in his arsenal. ( I wonder where he picked up that trait?)  But, he is in no need of toys.  You know…Christmas just passed and his birthday is next month.  Besides…my studio will not hold one more thing!!!!!  And, that’s the truth!

There is so much for him to see there, and he likes to check it all out.  I got him to bypass the Valentine stuff because it was almost gone.  So, he headed straight for the bunnies, and baskets and eggs.  Oh, such wonderful things to see!  I let him check it out, as I ambled slowly down the aisle.  Good-bye, Easter…Hello, Summertime!  Oh the myriad of things to use for fun in the sun!  He found all sorts of things that were too wonderful for words.  But then…

He stopped.  Still.  And, stared.  Mouth agape.  He didn’t move a muscle.  I was afraid he’d gone catatonic on me.  Slowly, very slowly…his hands came up to his cheeks.  He turned and looked at me as if he’d just seen something miraculous and life changing.

“Lulu.  Lulu, do you see it?  It’s beautiful!  I never saw one like it before!  It’s the best one ever.  Oh, Lulu.  Please get it down so I can feel it.”

Well, friends, I was floored.  Such emotion.  Such genuine awe.  I thought surely his eyes could not pop open any wider!  I looked where he was looking and there was absolutely nothing there worthy of such adoration.  I saw plastic water bottles, frisbees, cheap sunglasses, some children’s gardening tools, some sand pails and shovels.  But, for the life of me, I saw nothing that would cause such emotion in a little boy.

“Levi, what are you looking at…I don’t see.”

“Lulu, the BROOM…THE BROOM!”

And, there it was, a cute little broom, stripped with orange and yellow and blue, with bright yellow bristles and a bug face around the bristles…complete with ears.

“Lulu, isn’t it great?  Have you ever seen such a great broom?  Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted one of my very own.  I want to sweep at my house and help my mommy.  I want to sweet your front porch.  It’s just perfect!”


“Then, my dear, by all mean, you must have it.  We can’t leave this broom here…it has to go with you!  You can have your wish!”

“OH, LULU!  Really?   REALLY? But, you said I could not get anything today.”

Now, this was a teachable moment and I had not a clue how to explain to him that he had just melted my heart.  That seeing the wonder and delight on his face was like a shot of ‘feel good’.  That he is so dear to me that I want to give him everything he wants…anytime he wants it.  That it is so beautiful to see  joy and awe and happy on his little face.  But…I had said no  treats today.  What is my word worth?   I can’t give him everything he wants.  That’s not doing him any favors.  Nor teaching him about the real world!

“Levi, what did I tell you when we came in?  No stickers or candy or toys today.  But…this is not a sticker or a toy or candy, it’s a tool for working!  I think it’s most OK for us to buy this.”

“Really, Lulu?  It’s really OK?  I can have it?  Cause it’s the most beautiful broom I ever saw!”

“Then it shall be yours!”


He backed up and came running up to me and tried to jump in my arms.  Didn’t work…my back would not allow it, but he grabbed me around the waist and hugged as tight as he could and said,

“Oh, thank you, Lulu.  You’re the best Lulu EVER!  I am a happy boy!”

And, with that, I took it and put it in the buggy and we went to get my paint.

Now, I don’t know about him, but I felt 10 feet tall!  How often do we get to grant a wish?  How often do we get to make a dream come true?   How, often can we be ‘the best EVER’ to anyone for anything?  For just a few minutes, I was…

flourish 11


         Queen Lulu, the granter of wishes…the sharer of happiness…and the maker of dreams come true!


flourish 22

HOWEVER, later, when he tried to slip a light saber  (that lit up when you finished all the candy inside) into the buggy…I made him take it out and put it back.  I mean, really….it was a toy and candy!  Does he think I don’t mean what I say?  Maybe he’s feeling a little princely, too?