Bright and early tomorrow morning, Joy, Pop, and I are leaving on a trip to visit family in NC. Here are the rules:

1. Don’t keep the car at 32 degrees.

2. Keep plenty of Diet Dr. Pepper chilled and ready to use on a moments notice.

3. I call the back seat…by myself…with no body touching me.
(Why, yes, Joy, I realize that it would be hard for me to drive from the back seat…near impossible, I’d say!)

4. I am the older sister, so I am still the boss. (Pop doesn’t get a vote, this is between the sisters)

5. This should be a cultural experience as well as a family visit. Therefore, we should pull quickly into any Shopping Mall or interesting looking shop that we pass. It is perfectly acceptable to turn the car around and go back. Many times there are new and exciting things to discover when you just take the time to go inside and look around. And, remember, they may be closed when we come back by, so we should always stop at first sight.

6. Do not tell me to “get my head out of that book.”

7. It will be the driver’s responsibility to keep a CLEAN restroom in sight …at all times!

8. I am prepared to use my tender, little hands to pump the gas into the car. I will do this out of the goodness of my heart…AND…because my sister is 54 years old and still does not know how to pump gas!!!Honest!

9. Any and all other questions about anything concerning this trip can be discussed by the folks in the front seat. As long as you remember that the back seat passenger retains all veto power!

10. “Pop, keep your hands inside the car!!!”