This is a beautiful wreath picked out for me by my 2 dear friends, Shirl and Tina.

My front foyer…

I love fall, and enjoy all the decorating possibilities that go with it. I happen to really enjoy seasonal decor and don’t mind pulling it out and packing it back up. Some of my favorite treasures I pack up with the decor. That way, I don’t tire of looking at them. OK…let me honest here. Actually, sometimes I forget what I have, so when I pull it back out, it is just like having something new! It’s amazing how I can surprise myself without even trying! Now, those of you that are laughing…JUST WAIT!!!

This is a fall tree that is filled with mercury glass ornaments. I have it sitting on an antique clawfoot table that belonged to my in-laws. The table sits inside my rear foyer. Last year, I was unable to go with Tina and Shirl on our annual Fall Fling. Don and I had a trip to Hawaii during that week. And, we just HAD to go!!:) Anyway, knowing how I would want to decorate this year in the Creek House, Tina and Shirl spent much time picking out beautiful mercury glass acorns, leaves, and pinecones. And, some other beautiful pieces, as well. We know each other so well, I just gave them my money and said, “shop for me.” And, they did an excellent job. It is sort of hard to see here, but this is not a Christmas tree. It is a small woodland tree that I use for differing collections. Sometimes it holds my flock of birds and birdhouses…and other times it may hold a gathering of beckyard critters.

This is an overview of the dining room and looking into the den…and some close-ups of the pieces. As you can tell…I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY DINING CHAIRS!!!! This does not make me happy. One day…

I bought these last week while Joy and I were in B’ham. They are made of resin. The tall one is 33 in. tall, and the small one 18 in.

Wooden candy corn…very cool!

This is the coolest pumpkin. I bought it last week in Birmingham at a home decor shop in Homewood. It looks just like it is made of wood. So I was surprised when I picked it up that it was not heavy. It is made of a resin material, but if you only looked at it, you’d swear it was old wood. Beautiful…but could only afford one!

Here is a cupboard that is in my kitchen. I think I enjoy this piece of furniture more than any other piece in the Creek House.

This display is on the top of a wall cabinet, next to my sink. The lamb is a special birthday gift from Alex. This is not a seasonal display, but just thought I’d share it since I had my camera out.

And, now, to the outside. I love fall…the colors, the leaves, the cooler weather. I am always ‘itching’ to get my summer things put away, and get out my fall things. However, the weather here in South Alabama will still be very hot for a good while. It’s in the 90’s this week! I guess I can just look at the pumpkins while I’m in the pool!
Here is a full shot of the outside firplace.

And, here is a close up of the mantle. Nothing new here, just things collected over the years. The wreath is made of very rusty tin.

Here is more outside decor…

This is a wonderful piece of iron wall art I got for somewhere outside. Isn’t it great? It is, however, perched upon the back of my porch chairs. Anytime I mention ‘hanging’ something…Don starts twitching! He has some major aversion to nails. I have had to hang all the things inside when he was away. But, when I mention putting a nail into the mortar wash on these brick…he starts sputtering and spewing and turning all shades of red. I will, however, get this hung. I don’t know quite what I’ll have to do to convince him, but it will get hung! 😮

Now, Mom did love fall color also, so, of course, we had to be sure she had some, too. Here Joy and Pop are tidying up around the marker. We just got it in place this week. (Joy is going to LOVE this picture!)

And, here is a close up of the flowers we chose for her.

I have a few more pieces to place outside…along with the ‘blessings’ sign…but mostly, I can sit back and enjoy until it comes time for the BIG decorating season!