I find myself at such an unusual place these days. So many thoughts…so many feelings…coming from every which way!

I suppose this is just a normal passage of life, but one I have never experienced. Losing a parent has changed my perspective on many things. It’s not as if I have a whole list of things that have changed or will change…but I suppose I just notice them more.

I think I have finally begun to get over the shock that came suddenly at my Mom’s death. I know I will never get over the sadness and the missing her. But, life does go on, doesn’t it? If we let it. If we continue to embrace the days and look for the blessings they hold. If we look ahead and make plans for the future. If we look at the people and things that God puts in our path, and really try to see the purpose of such. He always has one, you know.

We enjoyed our family gathering last Saturday. We made lots of pics…but not with MY camera. So as soon as I get them, I’ll share with you. We laughed and talked and made plans. Joy and I are going to take Pop to NC to visit our family there. And, we are all so excited over the coming birth of my niece’s baby. How exciting it will be to have a baby in the family! Adam is well on the way to getting good vision, and they will be moving into a new (to them) home very soon. The trouble with Adam’s eyes have slowed the process of their moving. He will have room for a studio there, and he is very excited about that. And, I have a trip with Tina and Shirley coming up in a few weeks. And, a baby shower for Tara.

Looking forward to events further down the calendar page has always been fun for me. I love making plans for trips and where we will stop, and what we will see and who, and what things to take, etc. It’s the ‘looking forward to’ that is one of the best parts of any travel plans. The ‘being there’ is great too…the travelling (especially by car)…not so much.

I am just rambling on here about nothing of any interest to anyone, but myself. So, I will just mark this post down as a document to my thoughts and feelings on this first day of September, 2009. As a reminder to myself that I am healing, and I am learning. As an affirmation to any readers that God is good and brings about His healing in His time. It is not finished yet, the healing, that is, but it will be. And, that’s all I need to know.