Of course, it would be impossible for us to drive straight home. Not when there is wonderful shopping about halfway. We really were looking for something specific…so we made a quick stop at TJXX. Here I had a most interesting encounter.

I was standing next to the books, and a woman started talking to me. I have never seen her before in my life…but obviously, she knew me, and my excellent shopping reputation.

Lady…Do you think this will look good in Dayron’s room? (I’m only guessing at the spelling. It could be Da’ron or DayRon or Dearon) I just don’t know .
Tonja..Excuse me?

Lady…I was thinking about getting this for Dayron. Do you think it will match?

Tonja..Well, I’m not real sure.

Lady…You know how Dayron is…

Tonja..Well, is Dayron a girl or a boy? (Honest! I did not know.)

Lady…(Laughing,) Well, of course she’s a girl! You know that. You’ve known her all
her life!

Tonja..(Laughing)…Just Kidding. What would she use it for? ( Now this was one of
travel aids that has all the little pockets in it, with a clothes hanger at
the top. It’s for toiletries, and is to hang in the bathroom.)

Lady…I was thinking she could put all her hairbows and stuff in it and we could
hang it on the wall.

Tonja..Well, I think Dayron would love it! It will look really good in her room,
too! Great idea.

And I moved along down the aisle cause I was in a hurry.

Lady…Well, what about this? (She held up a bag of some sort with a big initial ‘M’ on

Tonja..Is one of her initials ‘M’?

Lady…Now, you know it’s not! Silly!

Tonja..Yeah, just kidding again!

Lady…But, it is her Mother’s initial…so I thought it might just do.

Tonja..Maybe you should buy it for her Mother then.

Lady…No, it’s for Dayron.

Tonja..Then, I just don’t think it’s a good idea. You know how girls are at that age! (What age would that be?

Lady..I just think I may get it anyway, maybe Mama can change it to a ‘D’.

Tonja..That’s right, I bet she can. Then get it…good idea.

Lady…(Throwing it back on the counter and walking away in disgust) I ain’t getting that piece of trash! You can have it!

And, she turned and walked away without saying good bye to me. And, I felt really hurt. I mean we had somehow managed to bond right there in TJXX. She even told me about Dayron or Da’ron or Daeron”s mother and all. I found it hard to just let go like that…so abruptly. So, I walked over to the nest aisle and said to her:

Tonja: You be sure to tell Dayron I said “Hi” now, ya hear?

Ah! Closure!!

And Joy and I quickly exited the store…knowing for sure and certain that I had just walked out of…The Twilight Zone!

I should have made her picture to put in the dictionary next to the word ‘CRAZY’ !!