I have been a member at Southside Baptist Church since I was in the 6th grade.  I have grown up, become a Christian, gotten married, raised children, buried a parent, and worshipped my Lord in this church.  There are so many dear souls here who reside in my heart of hearts.  Some have gone on to Glory with Mom, and some are still here worshiping with us.

This morning, Don was not feeling well, and was not able to attend.  So, I sat with Joy and her family.  As I sat there, between Joy, and Pop, I was overwhelmed with a love for my family.  Sweet Lori and her love were there with us, as well.  And, dear, dear Mrs. Linnie Carpenter, who is for sure one of the Saints was sitting in front of us.  She could probably quote most of the Bible to you, chapter and verse!  Good friends, Pam and Ron Ellis right behind us.

I just had a need to record this morning.  So, I tried to be very discreet with my camera…Lori helped…and we took a few pics of today.  (There have been two deaths in my Pop’s family this week…he lost his younger brother just yesterday.  We are not promised tomorrow…as our pastor pointed out this morning.  When things start falling down around you…you better have already made the decision as to whom you’ll be clinging to!  Tommy also lost his dear brother 2 weeks ago.)


So here are just a few snaps of today…just an ordinary Sunday…but precious, nonetheless.

Lori and Brad…


Pop, Lori and Brad…


Me and Pop…


Pop, Joy, and me…


Joy and Tommy…praying…(sorry)


Mrs. Linnie…singing…


Our new stained glass above the baptistry…


My dear friend, Monty Clark.  Her Mom just celebrated her 90th birthday and the flowers in the church today were in her honor…aren’t they beautiful…the flowers and Monty!



As friends gather at the end of the service to gab a little bit, I found myself with three of the dear girls I have loved for many, many years.  Monty Clark, who grew up here at Southside with me…Pam Ellis, pianist extraordinaire and kindred spirit, and Joy, best sister ever!  Since the camera was out, I decided to take a selfie….but look at our photo bomber!  Our pastor, Stacy Stafford!


So, we tried again…this time with someone else taking the pic!


Again, nothing special about this Sunday…just for me, a little celebration of family and friendship and sweet fellowship!