Now, I know this is going to hit some of you square on the nose…but, I have to call it as I see it. After all, this is MY blog and I think one of the blogging rules in the blogging handbook says,”To thine own self be true.” I’m pretty sure that is where I heard that. So here goes:
I abhor CALL WAITING! (I heard that collective gasp). I think it is rude to put me on hold to check and see if there is someone calling who you would rather talk to than me. I mean, who among us is so important that we absolutely CANNOT miss a call? And, isn’t that what caller I.D. is for? It just annoys me to think that my call is not as important as someone elses. Now…this does not apply to calls at a place of business. When I call my BFF at her work…I know she will have to answer other calls and put me on hold. Expected. But, if I call her at home…I don’t expect the same treatment. Now, if you are expecting a very important call such as your son calling to let you know he got back to school safely, you should tell the caller at the start of the call, so she will know to expect that…and not think you the rudest person on the planet. Some of the nicest people I know use this service, and I love them still…but you will never hear me say…”Hang on a second, someone is beeping in…”. Remember that this is my opinion and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it. I feel better since I vented. Thank you very much.