I am not a neat person. In fact, my husband says I’m a slob. Now, I wouldn’t go that far, but I am messy. I think a slob is someone who doesn’t care. I care, it’s just so time consuming to stop and clean everything up and put it away when I am going to get it all right back out. Does anyone else get that besides me? I have a very ADD mind. I have so many ideas and thoughts and they come so rapidly. I feel the need to start on a project, but then I have another idea and I MUST leave what I’m doing and do a little work on that. It’s not always a choice…it’s a HAVE -TO. And sometimes in the middle of a project…you just cannot tell where I’m going with it. Truth is…I probably don’t know either. It’s one of those …I’ll know it when I see it..things.
I asked Alex why he didn’t throw away something, and he said, “around here, I never know if it’s trash or art!” How clever and perceptive of him. Not that I think my art looks like trash…but that he recognizes that what looks like a pile of trash, may indeed be great art! I know I should do better…but when I am in a creative frenzy…all good sense goes out the window. And truly, the mess doesn’t bother me in the least. I know where everything is…if I cleaned up and put it away…I’d never find it again. Oh, it’s not easy getting mere mortals to get this. I’ve been trying for nigh on 35 years…and I haven’t made much headway with the husband…the boys are a little better…they grew up watching me get involved with project after project. At least I don’t have to worry about Alex tossing out a great work of art. Thanks Al, for getting it.