Today has been a very busy day, as things begin to move quickly on to the Christmas season. It was quite funny at school today, the kids were telling me about their adventures trick-or-treating last night….I began teaching them some turkey and Thanksgiving songs….and we ended up learning some Christmas music! That’s enough to confuse any preschooler…AND their teacher! We will have programs for our K-4, and K-5 classes…and it’s really not very long until the middle of December and program time. I got all the programs written, and music compiled, and I am having some help tomorrow getting it all run off. My pianist came today, so that’s all set. I always feel like I can relax a bit when I get the programs written and handed out to the teachers. Then it’s just a matter of learning the songs. That’s the easy part.

I design the shirts for the children to wear, and I have a pretty good handle on that. And, I also design a shirt for our teachers and moms. I have my ideas for that also. So, I feel in pretty good shape.

I was not able to go to work all last week, due to Alex being so sick. But, thankfully, I have been able to be there this week. He is not much better, but I have had someone to stay with him most of the time this week. Tuesday was our second prayer meeting for him at our church. I am so humbled by the people taking their time to go and pray for my boy. I am so thankful. Just to know that people are praying….in one accord …is a boost to this mom’s spirit. We are so blessed that we have friends and family who care for us and hold us up to the Father. What do people do without that? Our church family is so willing and kind to be of any help they can, and the sweet group of ladies that I teach with are also so precious to me. They offer kindness and understanding and support. Never a complaint when I have to be out…just a hug and a prayer. God is so good. I pray with all my being that God will choose to answer our prayers…that He will work a miracle in Alex’s life. I know without a doubt that He can. And, I also know without a doubt, that He holds Alex’s future in His hands, and His perfect will may not be to heal him…in this world. I trust God…I trust His goodness…and I trust that whatever the future holds…He will continue to hold and strengthen us. That’s what He promised…and that’s what I believe.

Ian is coming home for the weekend. He’ll be here tomorrow. He took a trip to New York City last week to visit a friend who is doing an internship at the Today show. He has another friend doing a marketing internship there also. So I think they took in quite a few sites in the big city. I haven’t heard all the details yet, but I am expecting him to fill me in when he gets home.

My mom has been having much pain in her leg…so that it has been very hard for her to walk. Her rheumatologist put a shot in it, but that did not help. She then saw a neurologist who did nerve conduction tests and MRI and MRA, and that was all clear. This week she went to an orthopedic doc and he looked at all the results and told her it is bursitis. We were worried that it could be a hip or knee replacement or something worse. We are very thankful that we know what the problem is now. He put another shot where the pain was and hopefully this will give her some relief. I don’t like for my mama to hurt…or my Pop either.

Well, I said ‘this and that’ and I have just rambled on and on, haven’t I? But, you are such good listeners…you never interrupt me and you never seem to mind if I have to backspace and retype a word. You just patiently wait for me to get it together…thanks, friends!