Yesterday, I made plans with Adam, my oldest, to help me with getting my car serviced today. He was to be at my house at 7:00AM and we were going to drop off my car and he was going to take me on to work, come back and get me and pick up my car. At 6:50 this morning, I realized it was foolish for him to come over here first…we should just meet at the car place. So, I called him. A very sleepy voice answered the phone and I was immediately unhappy with the implications. “Are you not up yet?”,I said. “Mam?”,he said. “Did you forget about my car?”, I prompted. “Mom, what are you talking about?” he said. “We made plans yesterday to get my car serviced and it’s now past time!”,I replied. There was a noticeable pause over the airwaves….then…”Wrong son, Mom,” the sleepy voice said. Oh my, I had called Ian in Birmingham by mistake! OOPS! “Never mind,”said I.

We did get the car business taken care of , then Adam and I were able to have a nice breakfast together. I went to work, and he came back to my house to bring Alex a cheese danish and to pick up my dog, Scooter. He (Scooter) has been limping for about a week, and also his allergies are bothering him really bad. Adam dropped him off at the vet, ran some errands, and picked me up and we got my car. Scooter was not ready, so I had to kill some time. I went and walked through our new Michael’s. Boy, it is packed with stuff. It is amazing, though…I can go in there just to look around and I always find something I didn’t even know I needed! As I did today. Finally, the dog was ready, so I went to hear the report. He is fine…just getting old. He is 13 years old and has arthritis in both hips. Bless his heart. He’s such a good boy. He got his allergy shot and that should help with the arthritis, too. If not, we are going to try some other meds.

FINALLY, I could head home. Ian called me and said, “What was up with you this morning?” “Just your crazy Mom, acting her age!”, I said. “Well, I’ll see you in a little while, I’m headed home,” he said. “What brings you home this weekend?”, I asked. “The Peanut Festival Fair starts tonight”, he replied. “Oh, I knew there had to be a reason you were coming,” I said. Quickly he added, “But, the main reason is to see my mama.” Yeah…right! I know a save when I hear one. Whatever the reason, I’m glad he’s coming…maybe he’ll bring me a corn dog and a caramel apple from the fair!

Hope you have a fun, restful week end with the ones you love. Enjoy Autumn!