Everyone I talk to says, “I love my Mac.  It’s so easy.  I will never go back to any other kind.”  And, I am sure they mean it.  But, to be perfectly honest with you…I don’t yet feel that way about mine.  I have all confidence that I will…but so far, it’s beating me up pretty bad.


I have learned quite a bit about it…and have done fairly well.  But, now I am supposed to be learning the IPHOTO…and all I’ve worked with is the Windows program and Picasa.  NOTHING about this one makes any sense.  Ian set beside me this weekend and said, “You’re gonna be so happy with this program.”  I just smiled at him and tried to write down all he was saying.  Then, he set it to do something about a ‘library’ and it ran 5 hours while we were at Pop’s house, and then it ran another 6 hours until I just turned it off.  There is nothing anywhere that should take 11 hours to fix!  Now, he is back in B’ham, and will be home July 4.  That leaves me and Alex to figure this out.  And, Alex does not know what Ian was doing about a ‘library’.  So, I might as well go sit in the yard and dig worms.

I’ll be scarce this week unless a miracle happens.  As soon as I get it clear in my mind…I’ll be back with you.   Well, actually, it doesn’t really have to be CLEAR in my mind, as long as I know how to make it obey my commands.  And, yes, I do think it could… possibly…just maybe…be about my brain and its ability to learn new things in a timely manner.


I also have another doctor’s appt. tomorrow and I don’t think I am going to like what he tells me, either.  It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

Why, pray tell, can’t the machines, and the doctors, and the lovely ladies and the handsome  computer helper sons just all get along together and be happy?