When Amy began planning her wedding, she had a distinct idea about what she wanted.  Searching online, she found pictures of decor she liked for the reception and her cake and the actual wedding decor.  Her new hubby was able to put most of the pieces together.  He works with wood and so he knew just where  and how to get the trees, to cut apart, to cut into circles, to drill holes in, and exactly where to get the little trees that were used atop all this when it was glued back together! 

Then we took 3 sizes of clear glass cylinders and wrapped each with a variety of rustic trims…burlap, jute,cords, raffia.  These were placed on the larger of the rounds, and each had a white candle of varying sizes.   Pods, flowers,etc was placed around the cylinders.  Each table was covered with a white cloth and a burlap topper.  These pieces were not stained or varnished, but left ‘as is’.

This was the tall arrangement that was on the food table….along with the display around the bottom.  There were 5 round tables with the long table in the center, all under the big white tent.

And look at this wonderful piece Blake cut, stained, varnished, for the cake.  It was beautiful!

Then under this tree…….

…and in front of this pond…

Tina and Shirley did this arbor…

On either side of the arbor, we filled 2 fern stands with ferns ( of course!).  Now, Shirl had learned this wonderful trick to filling these stands to make them look full and pretty, and I want to share it with you.  The ferns came in those old, black plastic pots.  Shirley pulled them out of the pots and dropped each one into its own plastic bag.  We used the bags the moss came out of. 

The 2 black pots would not fit in here, but by putting them into the bags, they are able to be molded into the pots, and they have a very full look…

Then fill in all around with moss to hide the bags.  You can also push the moss in from the outside, as well.

Add a large bow…and you are done.  The bags can be left whole if they will just be used a short time.  This will keep all the dirt inside.  But, if they will need to stay there for a few days, you can poke holes in the bottom of the bag, so they will drain when watered.   They should be OK in the bags for 3-4 days.

At the wedding……..

Oh, we did have a very nice visit from some very special folks on Friday…Suzanne and Baby Levi.  I know, I know.  He’s just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!  I happen to agree with you!

And, that is all I will show until Amy gets back from her honeymoon.  I do not want to publish the pics of the actual wedding without her permission.  But, I’ll tell you this…she was a beautiful bride.  You’ll see…