I love the beach! Bet ya didn’t know that about me, did ya? I love the sounds at the beach. I love the foods at the beach. I love the feels of the beach…the sand, the water, the sun, the air! And, I love the smells of the beach. I love the way you can be at a beach house for a day or two and just that quickly, everything you own smells differently. It smells like “A Day At The Beach.” It is glorious!

What exactly does a ‘day at the beach’ smell like?

Well, the fine fragrance company, Botanicus, has figured that out for us. And here is what they say goes into making a day at the beach smell like…well…”A Day At The Beach”. It is filled with Pikake, plumeria aroma with orange blossom, ocean and soft vanilla with amber notes.

This oh-so-delightful fragrance is available in several different products. First the candles….Botanicus candles are noted for their exceptional fragrance and long-lasting quality. Each exquisite fragrance takes more than a year to be developed. All our fragrances, such as Green Tea, A Day at the Beach‚Ñ¢ and Blue Bamboo‚Ñ¢, are as complex and alluring as the finest perfumes. We place similar attention on making sure each candle burns optimally. This is achieved in a variety of ways: All candles are hand poured, ensuring you get a carefully centered wick and wax close to the rim. Specific wicks are used in each container (jar, tin, votive) that best suit a particular fragrance. Our proprietary food-grade paraffin wax is extremely hard, resulting in a slow burning candle. The wax also holds a considerable amount of fragrance. When burned, the candle scent is incredible lifelike, exhibiting all the complexity that makes it so extraordinary.

But, my favorite is the reed diffuser. It puts such a light aroma in the room, but you only catch a whiff of it once on a while. Wonderful!

And, then there is the room spray. Divine! This is what I do. I spray it in the shower and then turn on the warm water. The whole bathroom smells like the beach…including ME! Or you can use it as a linen spray or just a light dusting all over the room.

Then, I just put on my bikini and sit by the pool with a nice, tall drink with an orchid and an umbrella, and the latest magazine. I turn on the music…all the old beach music of the 60’s and 70’s……and I let my imagination run wild…and I’m there! Now isn’t that a nice story? And, it’s all true, too….except for one teeeeeny weeeeeeny thing. Or maybe it’s an itsy bitsy thing! I bet you can guess, for certain, which part is NOT true!

Anyway…try these products…they really are wonderful. You won’t be disappointed