Years ago the Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanoes erupting on the ocean floor. Eruption upon eruption finally reached above the water and after many, many years, the islands were formed. All was barren, lava rock…inhospitable to most life forms. As the winds and rains and ocean surf worked on the rock, breaking it down into soil, birds flying overhead began to use the island rocks as a resting place during long flights across the ocean. As birds will do, they dropped some things while they rested, and eventually seed came to be deposited on the sharp rock. And, as seeds are born to do, they would eventually find the soil, germinate, and take root in this barren land. So, over time, the beautiful Hawaiian islands became the lush, garden islands they are today.

So tenacious is the tiny seed. It seeks to find a place to grow. This is its sole purpose. To burrow in, germinate, and grow to maturity. Then, send out new seeds to begin their own journey of life. Even if the conditions seem to be against them, the determined ones, the strong ones, are able to live out their purpose.

I was reminded of this recently while I was in Savannah, Georgia. Walking along the Riverfront, it is interesting to see how the elements have affected the building materials. It has worn them down, leaving crevices, and breaks between the bricks and stone and mortar. And, even in hot, humid Savannah, the mighty seed continues to show its tenacious spirit. Look at the walls I discovered as I walked along River Street. See how one has taken hold…then several…then many. Eventually making a beautiful, living thing among the harsh elements.

Let this be a reminder to us. As life moves along the path chosen for us, at times we find ourselves in situations or places that are not of our choosing. However, we have the ability, with the help of our Heavenly Father, to change our surroundings. We can take hold, and do what we were created to do. We can make “our world” a more beautiful place by showing the love of the Father, by looking for a way to bring ‘new life’ to a barren place. We were created to serve the Lord. Let us serve…and grow…wherever we happen to land.