After our morning shopping event with Vincent and his wife, we took off for some better known stores. (By the way, Vincent is holding the furniture there and will deliver it when I call for it. He says he wants to put it in the house himself.) We went to Jo-Ann’s, then to Marshall’s, then to TJ Maxx. We had hoped to find some treasure, but not really much there. While in line to pay for a frying pan I bought for Don (really!)…a woman in front of us said that she was disappointed not to find more there, and she thought she was going to go to HomeGoods. Well, mine and Tina’s ears perked right up…we heard something we liked. HomeGoods is a fabulous store! There are just not enough of them. And they are mostly in the bigger cities. Like Atlanta…it has 5 of them, and Birmingham has 2. It is like the Homewares section of TJ Maxx x 10! Great things! We had planned to hit the mall next, but this was a definite good change in plans. Shirl had never been to one before…but she was impressed when she began to peruse the wares. We all drifted to different parts of the store, and when we met back up, we all had found things we had to show each other. Mostly, they had found things for me to buy for the house. Oh, did they find things! First they came at me with these! Giant pears!

“Those are great!,” I say, “But. where will I put them?” Well of course they had found just the thing! And right there in the middle of the store, they had set up this little vignette just so I could see how great this would look on my new table that the mighty Vincent was building for me.

Is that some massive dough bowl or what? It is just beautiful! And the pears looked so good in it. SOLD! Let’s see, then I found a plant for Alex’s apt., a green wooden box, a wonderful cloche with a base, and some other treasures. Well, I thought we were about finished, til Shirley said,”Come and see what I found.” Words that I knew were going to cost me. She and Tina were perched on each side of the most magnificent framed print! It was over 5 feet tall, and 48 inches across. It is huge! But, just the most perfect print for my foyer, to go over the table I had purchased from the mighty Vincent. Just THE MOST PERFECT PIECE! It was triple matted in the palest shades of green, and had the most wonderful 4 inch frame of distressed wood. The colors were glorious! I do not usually fall in love with art like this, but this one was it! IT!!! We got the manager and he said they would NOT ship it, he could NOT take it to UPS for us, UPS would NOT come and get it, he would NOT hold it for more than a week, too bad…so sad. He finally said he would call Birmingham to see if they had it. I knew I could get there easier than back to Savannah. But, no…they did not have it. I asked him to check Atlanta…I thought Suzanne and I or Joy and I could go up and get it. He got a cashier to write down the numbers for me. Then he said something about the fact that we had been in the store for at least 3 hours! We measured the pic…and then the car…and yes, it would fit, BUT…it was already packed to the gills and we did not even have our luggage in yet!
So, I said, “It’s just not meant to be…I’m not going to get it.” I was being so selfless y’all! 🙂 I mean, there were already doors, a chandelier, a capital, a chair, and various other treasures there…it was not going to work. We got in the car…and sat. Shirl said,”Call Atlanta!” I did…all 5 stores…no one had it. “That’s the end of it,” I said, ” let’s just go.” And we did…around the corner to a McD drive thru for some caffeine, next thing I know…Shirl has driven back to the parking lot of the HG store. “We have never before left behind something we really wanted, and we are not going to start now! I will not be done in by a picture. Show me the money, Tonja! Come on, Tina!,” said Shirley. I showed it to her….she took it….they left….and this is the next thing I see….

There are 3 people toting this pic, y’all! 3! They get it in and manage to shut the door. All I can think is, someone is going to be spending another week in Savannah until her 2 friends can come back and get her. WHEN THERE IS A WOMAN WITH A TREASURE…SHE AND HER 2 BFF WILL FIND A WAY! Next stop…Wal-Mart for a car top carrier for the luggage.
I stay in the car because I can not get out of the car…
They say they’ll just run in and get it and be right back. And since there were quite a few menacing folk milling around the parking lot, Tina said, “I’m locking you in.” So, I slump down in the seat so my neck doesn’t break, and look for something to read. I find a magazine, but it is too dark ro read. I’m sure they’ll be right back . 10 minutes pass. WHEW! It’s a little warm in here! Think I’ll open a window…WAIT…can’t…the alarm is on. They should be here any minute. UMMM, my neck is getting stiff…holding it as I am, slumped down in this seat, held captive by a picture. 15 minutes pass. Yep, it really is warm alright…really warm. Let’s see if I can just move around so I can feel the cool window. Ah! that feels good. Sweat is now rolling down the crevices of the body…back is hurting…neck is sore. 20 minutes pass. I know…they are trying to punish me for getting that picture..No..that was Shirl’s idea. I am officially going crazy. I think I may have to set off the alarm just so they will come out. What could they be doing? I bet they are shopping the whole store! I’m dying here! There is a puddle of sweat on the seat, I can not reach my phone or I would call them them and give them a piece of my fried mind. How dare they go on a treasure hunt with out me! 10 minutes pass. This is what I get for wanting a pretty house. I’m going to die in this car…please put this picture next to my grave. I’m losing it here. And I’m hungry! We haven’t eaten since forever. I bet they are getting something to eat and not even thinking about me crunched up like a pretzel melting to death. FINALLY! they open the door ,acting all innocent like…saying,”we’ve been in line all this time,” and “you would not believe how many people were in there!” Likely story…but, I say nothing…because, I am in no shape to think clearly, much less form words and utter them. They decide they are hungry, too. And since we were treated so bad by the folk’s at Paula’s Place, we have no dinner plans. Of course, I could not go in anywhere to eat…I could not straighten out and I am soaked to the bone. “Anywhere”, I say. And we spot a Krystal sign and pull in. You will never believe this, but it is the truth or I am not the Queen of the Fling! We sat in the line for 40…40 minutes. We had planned to take it home, but we gobble them down in the car…after Shirl has a nice, friendly talk with the manager. Well, I can not actually gobble, since I am bent in half and my neck and swallowing mechanism are in such unusual positions. We do wait until we get home to dig in to the lemon pie and apple pies, though. We make it to the room…and Shirl throws me in the shower, cause she says I’ll feel better. Ha! She’s just feeling guilty for leaving me in the car for 3 and 1/2 hours! I bathe, and she rubs my feet with sweet smelling foot lotion. Which, at this point in my day, I feel is akin to the washing of feet spoken of in the Holy Bible. Such a sweet girl, she is! Good night.
They get up before me again, and get to work on the car.
Look! They figured out the carrier, loaded it up, and even carved out a tiny space for me! I’m not complaining, mind you! At least I have some pillows to cushion my neck and back!

And, sadly, we pull out of Savannah…car bursting at the seams….and friends bursting with laughter and sweet memories of another adventure coming to an end. I find that it is easier to sleep, than balance a picture on my head…so, before I know it, we are back in Moultrie. It starts to rain, but we unpack her car…and pack all we can into my car. After a short visit with her family, Tina and I take off for home. One last picture of the Court, and we hit the road.
We arrive home to loved ones who missed us. And we are missing the loved one we left in Moultrie… along with a very, very big picture!

Our time together is too soon past.
Oh, how I wish these days would last.
But, we’ll look forward for the sign
That it’s time to travel one more time!