Thanksgiving Day 2009 is history. For our family, we did it well. It was bittersweet for us. We missed Mom so much…but John Thomas was a wonderful addition to our clan. Oh, that sweet baby is going to be so surrounded by love. Between our family and Will’s family…he has a tremendous group to care for him through life. Oh, that every child born this year could say the same.

Joy and I shared the cooking duties. When I started mixing up the sweet potato casserole, and I saw this bowl full of ORANGE…I thought that this is definitely the color of Thanksgiving!

Of course, when you add the topping ingredients, it really gets to smelling yummy!

Here is the table, set. NO! I DID NOT HAVE MY CHAIRS!!!They are now on backorder!

Lori came in with these cool ALABAMA (ROLL TIDE) gloves. We’re sort of split as a family when it comes to the rivalry with AUBURN (WAR EAGLE).

We were so glad Tara could be with us. John Thomas is only 2 weeks old! And, since she had a c section, she’s really not supposed to drive yet. Will was off on a hunting trip, so she came anyway! We’re glad, too! She is looking great! And, she is going to be a great mother. Very laid back and easy going!

Here’s Tommy holding his grandson! Isn’t he proud?

The men at the table…

Alex holding the baby for the first time!

Pop and I warming by the fireplace…

Alex and Ben doing computer things after lunch…

After lunch,we visited with each other. Suzanne and Adam came. They had eaten lunch with Suzanne’s family.

Then we all…except Don and Tommy…’cause they are just old men!…went over to Pop’s house. We put Adam and Ben up in the attic, and began pulling out the Christmas decorations. We all worked like little bees. Got the mantle fixed, the dining room, got the tree out (but not decorated), got the wreaths ready to go up, and worked on several other places.

I think Pop was a little overwhelmed. He said, with tears in his eyes, “I am so blessed. Just look at this…all of you over here, doing this for me. Look how everyone is working together-just to help this old man’s house look nice. This is what a family should be.” And I had to agree. We were all tired, but happy. We laughed, tried this, tried that, changed this, left that,took out of the attic, put back in the attic, got out of the attic again! Joy and I will finish up next week…but it sure helped us out to have all that help!

Now, I think Pop lucked out and got the choicest job of all! So sweet!

Ian just wasn’t sure he wanted to hold the baby, but Joy put JT in his arms…does he look uncomfortable or what?

Joy and I. I know what she’s gonna say. “I should be holding him! He’s MY grandson!” Too bad, Sis. I got him first! 🙂

Our work had to come to an end. Sweet Tara and little JT had a 40 minute ride ahead of them. So, we packed them up, and got them headed out. And the rest of us followed suit. JT is changed, fed, and already asleep for the ride!

A wonderful day! Family, food, fun…a winning combination. We had a moment before we asked the blessing on our food. Several of us talked about the things we were most thankful for. How blessed this family is! We all belong to the Lord. We all have made our reservations in Heaven. We will ALWAYS be together! We like each other as well as love each other. When one or another one is having a difficult time, we walk along side them until they find their way. We support. We forgive. We strive to show grace to one another, because we know how much grace and mercy God has shown to us.
“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow…!”

PS…if you did not read my previous post…be sure to do so! It was a very special part of our Thanksgiving!