When Joy and I were quite young…there was an incident in our family that became sort of an inside joke between Mom, myself, and Joy. And, today…it was played out in a grand finale, of sorts!

This all got started because Mom was sick. I do not remember what was wrong, but she had a terrible time with migraines for a while, so it could have been that. Anyway, Joy and I were at church, and Mom called to leave us a message. She had taken some pain medicine, and was not making a whole lot of sense to our church secretary. We came home, and she still was not thinking or talking coherently. She tried to touch one of us and she kept missing. Even though it was not funny…it was funny to us. This was so unlike our Mom. She was always in complete control. We said, “Mom, you look like you are trying to poke the Pillsbury Dough Boy!” (Do you know the old commercial where some one pokes him in the tummy with their finger, and he giggles?) Well, that was about the time it first came out, and we thought it was hilarious! We took care of her and she was better the next day. When we told her about it later, she said she did not remember doing that! And, we assured her she did

We began to find all sorts of thing with the Pillsbury Dough Boy on them, and we would surprise her with them all wrapped up in a fancy package! It was a running joke!We found notepads, magnets, ornaments, towels…and so we kept the surprises coming through the years! The kids enjoyed doing it as well!

Can you see some of her little figures on the back of her stove? This is a pic of her and her sister, Marie.

And this is the little figure that started it all. It has always sat on her stove. I made this picture tonight…it is still there.

In the past few years, I found this vintage metal sign…well, I had to get it for her. She would not hang it up…it didn’t match her decor. But, she did keep it right next to the stove. So, when she wasn’t looking…I would grab it and put it up on the top of her stove….where everyone could see it. She would usually discover it after we had gone. Then she would call me and fuss…trying to act like she was really mad! One time she found it up there after a big party!

Do you have little jokes in your family? Things that would not be funny to anyone but you? It’s an endearing thing, I think.

Today, I got up early, and started the cooking. My TV was on F*x News…but after I had heard the same things a few times, I turned it on to the Macy’s Parade…JUST IN TIME…..
Tara was watching the parade, too. She had gone out of the room to check on the baby,… but returned JUST IN TIME…
Joy was at home, watching the parade as well. She started paying attention…JUST IN TIME…

JUST IN TIME to hear the announcer of the parade say, “The next balloon is appearing for the very first time in the parade. You’ll recognize this chubby, little fellow…it’s the Pillsbury Dough Boy!”

And there…flying high over NYC….was the little Dough Boy!

Now, what do you think about that?

And, WHO do you think set that little surprise in motion?

You believe it was Macy’s if you want to, but Joy, Tara and I know the ‘real story’.

I never did look up and find out how to spell ‘coince…’. Because, upon more reflection…I know it wasn’t that at all. Someone was giving us a little ‘poke’…a little ‘wink’…a little ‘hug’. We felt it loud and clear!