A man who lives about 2 miles from Tara and Will was off on a trip last week. He had someone coming in and feeding his dog for him while he was gone. He arrived home after dark, and noticed there was another dog in his yard. That did not surprise him because someone was supposed to bring him a new dog. He went on in and went to bed. The next morning, he noticed the dog again, and it was not the dog that was supposed to be coming to live with him. I’m not sure if he recognized the dog or checked his tags, but he called Will soon after and told him Oreo was there. Will went right over and got him. Tara said when Bullet saw his buddy in the back of Will’s truck, he went wild with excitement!

Now, I know that all of you are not dog lovers, and that’s OK. But, with all the bad news we keep hearing everywhere, isn’t it nice to just be happy that a lost dog was found and returned to those who love and care for him? You know, God cares about everything that we care about. If we are unhappy or sad, God cares. Isn’t it neat how Oreo found his way to a place where there was food and water outside? And, isn’t it wonderful how well the angels on duty protected him from the lions and tigers and bears in the woods? Just kidding, but, Joy said they were afraid a coyote would get him. I think she said coyote…bobcat?…wolves? I don’t know about all that, but I just thank you for your prayers for this sweet family who was hurting.

Sweet Suzanne is feeling better. She says when she went back to the doctor, the one she saw the previous day was not there, so she saw another one. He told her that he did not think it was a spider bite. He thought it was an allergic reaction to something. She came by here to let me see it and I do not think it is a spider bite either. I have had one, and this does not look like it. She put some ointment on it and she said it is feeling better today. But, it is spreading to her neck and chest. But, she’ll be fine. Thank you for taking that to the Father as well.

I do not have any other reports, yet, but will pass them along as soon as I do. One other thing. I have several good friends who are in Guatemala right now on a mission trip. Please remember them and their safety…both while there and while travelling.

Thank-you, friends, for the encouraging words and thoughts you have sent to me. Alex is about the same. And, I know it breaks God’s heart as much as it does mine. But, prayers not answered the way we want, are never prayers in vain. God hears them all, and does as He sees fit. And, I want you to know that I am OK with that. It does not change my faith. Because I have forgotten much of what happened in the past, today goes by so quickly, and I have no idea about the future. But, God remembers all that has happened before…He was there. This day is owned by Him. And, He is my future. And, because of this, I trust the decisions He makes…because I trust Him! That does not mean I don’t try to change His mind now and again…but He loves me and understands me. God bless you, my friends. And thank you for reaching out and praying for us. Please be so kind as to let me return the blessing at any time.

“How precious it is,Lord, to realize that You are thinking about me constantly.” Psalm 139:17