This is what I saw when I went to see the house yesterday. Oh, My! It almost touches the sky! I didn’t realize! I think the framework in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Look how precise each board is placed, at exactly the right angle. The look of the whole house depends on this. It amazes me how someone see this in their mind and can put it to paper and cause it to appear in real life. Probably because my mind can not see things like that. Ask me to write a song or a poem, or put together a program, and I’m your girl, but, don’t dare ask me to put wood to wood and expect it to stay! I say, “if you can’t glue it, don’t do it!”

How wonderful God is that He made us all with differing talents. He made some of us who know just exactly which plant will bloom where and what kind of light and water and fertilizer it needs. I put out a plant and if it dies I know it doesn’t go there. But, there are people who KNOW hese things. They know about zones and such. Some even attain such status as to be considered a Master Gardener!

There are those who can take a pair of scissors and cut slices of fabric into the oddest of shapes, then take them to a sewing machine and make a glorious creation worth thousands of dollars on the runway. I can still remember when I learned to thread my machine and sew a straight stitch. I was elated and felt like a real seamstress. That is still about all I can do. The bobbin thingy drives me crazy!

There are those that can put a little seed into the ground…a whole row of them actually, watch them sprout into vegetables, know exactly when to pick them, and are able to tell which one to shell and which to snap.( Aunt Marie, I really did think I had all the snaps in my pan!) Then take those beans in and cook them, adding in the perfect seasonings….serving them for supper with the perfect biscuits made from scratch….no measuring of anything! Tomorrow, taking the rest of those beans and canning them on the old stove in the kitchen to be eaten all thru the coming year. And doing the same with the peppers, and peas, and tomatoes, other things I forget. This is real cooking. And I have been so excited to find Steam Fresh Vegetables in the grocery stores lately that you just put in the microwave for a few minutes…zap it, and it’s ready…but it’s not the same.

There are those who can sit down at an instrument and become one with it. You cease to see that there are 2, you cease to see at all, you just hear the music…or rather, you feel the music. These people never have to look at the keys, they never have to worry whether a g# means 1/2 step to the left or right…they just know. It is part of their soul. They intuitivly know if the music is to be played pianoissimo or fortissimo…they FEEL it. I can play the piano, I took lessons for many years, and taught lessons for over 20 years…but I never felt that the piano and I became one. My sister, who is a superb pianist, is much closer to this than I will ever be. Our friend Pam, is there.

There are people who can actually take cars and motorcycles apart and put them back together again. All those little parts. Many, many parts. And, they HAVE to be in the right place or the vehicle will not move you. Each part does a different job and each part has many parts and they are all important and necessary. I have trouble getting my digital camera card out of the camera and into the computer and back into the camera again. I do it wrong every time!

I know this because I have seen it with my own two eyes. There are men and women who can open up your head and go into your brain to exactly the right spot and fix what is bothering you
and you can be well and whole again. They actually use a saw to cut a hole in your head! Then they glue it back, and soon all is well with you. I cannot put a bandaid on a cut with out the sticky sticking to itself before it gets on me!

Friend, God made us all different, and with different talents. It is a sad thing to me when I see that talents such as doctors or architects or lawyers are revered more highly than those with the talent for fixing your car or planting your yard or building your house. Why do we do this? Our society as a whole does it, and I think it is a shame! Personally, I think teaching should be the most highly esteemed profession….but what do I know? I’m just a teacher. Our beautiful world could not run as efficiently as it does if we did not have those who are skilled and talented in the ‘menial’ jobs. Could you fix your air conditioner when it goes out this summer? Do you know what to do when your whole front lawn gets an icky fungus? Would you know what to do with 4 hampers of peas…right now…to keep them from spoiling? Could you come and help the builders on my house…I really do want to be in by Christmas!!! 🙂