Are you in a stressed out state?……

Well it happens to all of us. Everyone has their own individual level of how much stress they can take, and how well (or not so well) they handle stress and pressure.

To determine how much mental stress a person can handle, doctors use a stress test which is made up of these three pictures. Look at each one and see what you notice about them. Don’t rush it, give each picture a full 30 seconds. It will help if you will click on each picture separately to enlarge and isolate it.

OK…what did you notice? “Moving”, you say? You think the pictures are moving?
Are they moving fast or slow?
WELL…they are NOT moving! No they really are not! But, you are not crazy.
You see, your brain is not able to focus on every aspect of the image, because it has too many corresponding sections, so it makes your eyes bounce back and forth trying to assimilate all of the visual data.

And it makes your brain subconsciously “frustrated”. The more the image appears to be moving, the more you can NOT handle being under a lot of stress and pressure. So, if it is moving fast, you’re not handling your stress well. If it is moving slowly, you are still in control. Whew!

It should be noted too, that people like criminals, (certainly none of my readers) and those who have very stressful jobs see the above three images as moving extremely fast, and everything is spinning crazily. Hope that’s not you. If so, you need a vacation! Most senior citizens and children see them as NOT moving at all.
Just so you know…they DO move for me. The third one moves the most, but it still is pretty slow. Of course, I am not surprised, I’ve always known my brain was
subconsciously frustrated! 🙂 How’s yours?