Yesterday I had the sweet priviledge of hosting a bridal shower at my home for Danielle.  She is the daughter of my dear friend Patty.   There were 7 other hostesses who helped.  It was a sweet day for us all as we have watched Danielle grow up and have loved her since the beginning.

It was a beautiful day and our guests meandered about the house and out to the pool area during the party.  After the shower we hostesses posed for this picture.  BACK: Rhonda, Danielle, Tina, Christy…FRONT:  Tonja, Joy, Kimberly, Susanna…and Pamela was unable to attend due to illness.

Months back, sweet Danielle asked me to direct her wedding and do the decorating.  We have met together and planned this…threw it out…planned that…threw it out…then planned the other and it’s all coming together very nicely. I so love this dear girl and am so delighted to be playing a part in this wonderful time in her life.  Isn’t she a beauty?


My sweet friend Tina came over and helped me get ready on Friday and again on Saturday morning.   I don’t know if I would have been ready in time without her.  [WAIT!  Yes, I do know…I would NOT have been ready without her!  Thanks, Tina!]  We worked and reworked the table and finally, we were pleased.  This is similar to how we will decorate for the outdoor wedding……. so ‘rustic’ instead of ‘fancy’ was the style Danielle decided on.  Here are some pics of the table…



…Love birds….



….This is the ‘farrier box’ (below)  I bought while I was in Birmingham with Ian.  Works great! (A farrier box is a blacksmith’s tool box.  He used it to carry horse shoes and nails when he visited farms to shoe their horses).  I learned that from the shopkeeper…



….The mantle…and the letters ‘D’ and a ‘Z’ for Danielle and Zach…


…..I put out a few pieces of my mercury glass on the buffet…


Here is Danielle, opening a few gifts. We displayed them across the bed, so the guests could see all the wonderful things she had recieved.   Isn’t this the cutest pattern on the dishes she chose?  I suggested she just leave those for me…but, she just laughed and kept on walking!  Can you imagine?





And, here is the bride-to-be, Danielle, and her mother, Patty…



I’ll share some more on the party next post!  I’ve got a lot more photos!









  1. wow! beautiful shower, Tonja! you did and great job.
    oh, and i see a friend of mine in the pic of your guests: Kimberly!

  2. You did an AMAZING job of decorating for the shower. How lucky that bride is to have you to do her wedding! Looking forward to more pics!

  3. I love the way you decorate! And yes, she's beautiful and will make a gorgeous bride….she's lucky and blessed to have you decorate and direct! And oh, boy, I love her dishes!!!

  4. It looks like a beautiful shower! You and Tina did a beautiful job! So many sweet little details! It will be a beautiful wedding too, I'm sure! Rustic is the new thing I'm seeing… and I love it!!

  5. Beautiful! You are so talented! Love the dishes.

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