Last Friday afternoon, I picked up my good friend, Bonnie, and we set off on an adventure.  It has been a while since we had been able to get together.  We wanted get away this summer, but life just didn’t cooperate.  So, she suggested that we go to Rosemary Beach, Florida and tour the Coastal Living Magazine’s Ultimate Beach House.  Well, I thought this was a great idea and so we put it on our calendars.  It so happened that the planets aligned and good luck was with us, because nothing came up to spoil our plans, we went, we saw it and it was beautiful!

Of course, that’s not all we did.  I mean, why waste a perfectly good trip to the beach and not do but one thing!  Silliness!  We went out to eat when we got there on Friday night and then we discovered we had just enough time to shop one store before closing time.  What did we choose?  A shop jam packed with wonderful clothes for babies and children!  Oh, such fun.  We both managed to leave there minus some cash!  Then, we sat up talking till the wee hours.  Bonnie is the director of the school I taught at for 20 years.  She is still there…they will NEVER let her retire!  So, I had to catch up on each and every one of the teachers. (Girls, were your ears burning?)  Then I had to find out the goings on at the school.  And she had to find out about the people and things in my life.  Then we got onto our families and there was much to discuss there.  She has a yummy grandson named Cal who is 2 weeks older than Levi.  We had to talk about all the wonderful things they each were doing!   And, we wore ourselves out and headed to bed.

Up early the next morning, we headed to THE most delightful old highway that runs along the coast…30-A.  Along this highway are the beach towns of Seaside, Watersound, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, along with others all the way to Destin!  We made Seaside our first stop and had breakfast at an open air cafe.  It was divine!  And, then we felt that it was only right to explore some of their shops as well.  And, once again, we helped out the economy of this small village!  There are such wonderful little walkways and gardens and galleries to explore there.  We posed for a few pics and then made our way back to the car.




On to Rosemary Beach where the ‘house’ was located.  I had never driven back into this area before and it was wonderful.  We finally found the show house and eagerly went inside.  It was unbelievable!  Already sold for 2.7 million dollars before it was even built, it was indeed the ULTIMATE beach house!  It was impeccably furnished with flooring and furniture and art…most of which has been bought by the new owners as well.  We went from room to room exploring the upstairs and downstairs and the most wonderful courtyard.


Yes, we really enjoyed that courtyard and pool area!  Here are a few more pics of that area.  Notice the unusual open window cut into the side wall.


And some inside the house…den/dining…lovely linens…..beautiful bedrooms….and a cute little web footed mirror that I can not get to turn right side up for the life of me…





I just tried again and it will not budge.  Just ignore the sideways lady in the mirror and look at the cute feet!

Anyway, if you would like to see more of the house go to the October issue of Coastal Living magazine, and prepare to be wowed!   But, the pictures do not do the house justice.  It is much better in person!   (We know the twin sister of the decorator.  She lives in Dothan, and her children went to our school…the sister, not the decorator).  Or, if you are near the area, hurry down and see it.  I think it is only open a few more weeks!

We stopped at an interesting place or two on the way out of the area and then set our sights toward Dothan.  Ran into ugly rain off and on, but made it safely.  It was such a lovely trip with a dear, sweet friend.  And, I, for one, will not let it take as long for us to set off again!