I have a pretty good idea of the person I am. I know many things about myself…some I’m proud of, some…not so much. One of the things I struggled with at one time was affirming other people. I don’t know why…if it was envy or just not thinking. Whatever, God impressed upon me that that was something I should be doing. I needed to look for the gifts that He had given to others and learn to appreciate the good things they did with their gifts. And, so I have made that a concious effort. And, as I have practiced this, I find that God has blessed me with seeing things through another set of eyes. And, many times, I see way more than I would on my own.

Today, a friend of mine, who is a very talented photographer, took some of my words to heart and has written a delightful post. I urge you to go over and read it. I promise you that you will be blessed…and what a feast for the eyes. Just click here and you’ll be whisked over there. It’s one of those computer things that seems almost magical…and never to be understood by some amoung us!