The new drug I reported about on 4/4, totally works. I was more than happy to test it for everyone, so you could feel safer using it. And, it is amazing! I am clear headed, and feeling rested and relaxed! Wow! What if I had bought 2 pairs? Here they are…$19.99 at Goody’s…Union Bay Brand.

More crazies coming out of the woodwork. Lynne in GA. confesses to the ‘list crazies’, too. I feel better now, don’t you, Crazy Jean?
The builders finished pouring the foundation on the house. And it has rained ever since! Come on now, weather people, lets get some sunshine down here in the ‘sunny south’.
Mom has had a rough week. It seems she picked up a stomach virus this week(probably when we spent the day in the ER last week). So, she has been battling that, as well as recovering from her surgery and bronchitis. But yesterday she said she was feeling stronger. Mom is not one who likes to lounge around and take it easy…which is what she is having to do. Hang in, Mom. Every day is one step closer to recovery! Then we’ll celebrate! I love you!
Pop, who is 82, has been treating a very bad burn on his leg. He got it riding his dirt bike in the woods…when he fell…and the motorcycle fell on top of him! And you wonder where I got the ‘CRAZY’ DNA? He didn’t tell us about it for a while, but when he showed it to me, I was appalled. Friends, he had been walking around with a third degree burn on his leg for over a week! About the size of a credit card. I insisted he go to the Dr. and he did and they sent him to another Dr. who thought they may have to do skin grafts! But, thank God, it is healing, and will not require the grafts. Pop, be careful…I love you!
I recieved this award this week from my dear friend, Kat. How sweet of you to think of me. Kat is one of my long-time blogging buddies and also a charter member in the “B” Club. She is just as precious in person as she is on her blog!

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