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Early Wednesday morning, Tina and I made our way back to the airport for a helicopter tour of the whole island. What a thrill. This was my first helicopter ride. The tour lasted an hour and it was a blast. Oh, the beauty of the island when it is seen from the air. The pilot took us into the canyons and in between the mountain peaks. It is awe inspiring when you see the majesty of God up close like that. Oh the mind that created such wonders. The neatest thing is that there was a camera inside the helicopter and they videoed our trip…with us in it. It just came in the mail yesterday.

Shirley decided to soak up more of the Maui rays, so when we finished the ride, we went back to get her. We were all ready for a little shopping. So we went, and we shopped…and shopped…and rested…and shopped .We all bought a watch and a Hawaii charm bracelet at the Brighton store, and some things for the folks back home, too.

All this flying, and sunning, and shopping, makes a girl hungry, so we made reservations at a wonderful place called David Paul’s. He is rated best chef on the island. And, in this humble little southern girl’s opinion…it’s the truth. Shirl and I had OPAKAPAKA (fish) and giant prawns (shrimp), cooked in a mango sauce. And the desserts!! OH, MY! I had a dark chocolate mouse in raspberry sauce covered in spun sugar, Shirl had a lime tart and Tina, a creme brulee.
We had to do a little walking after that…we were stuffed! The best meal yet. And, so ends Wednesday….FAT and SASSY!