I made it, friends. But, it was rough, let me tell you. However, when they got that gas a pumpin’…I was feelin’ fine. Shame they have to turn that stuff off. 🙂 My dentist was a sweetheart as she always is and she did not hurt me at all. Bad news….I have to have a ROOT CANAL! And it is not scheduled untilAugust…that means a whole month to worry. She cannot do it and is sending me to another doctor…then back to her for the crown. There is a temporary crown on it now. This is just way too much stress for a body to take when it’s summer vacation time.

Anyway…THANKS for all the support! I know some of you bumped me up on the prayer list…I could tell. You’re the best. Jean, you can relax…I didn’t cross over….but that gas had me flying pretty high.:)