Oh what fun it is to hostess a baby shower!  Recently I had the priviledge to honor Amy Elliott in my home.  Her sweet baby boy, Rowdy, is on the way!  Amy is the daughter of one of my dearest friends, Tina.  She and my son, Adam, were friends all through their school years.  So it was with great excitement that I planned this party.  I was even more fortunate to have the help of my daughter in love, Suzanne, to be my co-hostess!  She was in charge of the yummy table of goodies we set out for everyone to enjoy.  She always does a superb job at this…among many other things!

I tried to get a touch of fun and whimsy into the decor, using bears I had saved through the years.  Amy and her husband Chandler, are big outdoors folks…hunting, fishing,racing, etc.  So, I also tried to incorporate a little of their lifestyle into the mix.  All the camouflage bear wear went home with Amy.  They are perfectly baby sized! Here are some glimpses of the afternoon, starting with the front door wreath…which is a little off center, I know.  But, it’s OK...I’m a little off center, myself!





DSCN0318 copy


DSCN0323 copy



DSCN0338 copy


DSCN0340 copy


DSCN0342 copy


DSCN0358 copy




DSCN0362 copy



DSCN0367 copy


DSCN0372 copy


DSCN0373 copy


thank heaven



What a blessing it is to be chosen by God to love and nurture another of the children He chooses to send to our world.  Amy will be a terrific mother and Rowdy will also have the best Gannie in town!  We wish them happiness and health and lots of fun in the years to come.  As she and Chandler raise him to know and love God, my prayer is that he grows into a godly man willing to stand and lead in whatever path God leads him to.  Blessings, sweet family!