I found a most interesting article on the Internet recently, and wanted to share it with you. Kelley Styring has authored a book entitled “In Your Purse: Archeology of the American Handbag”. Just the little I was able to read is fascinating. Why do we carry the things we do in our purses? Is there an underlying reason that we ourselves do not even realize? These are the categories she says are in the majority of the purses in our country. Finance***Eye care***Memberships***Coupons***Office Supplies ***Keepsakes***Beauty Care***Jewelry***Identification***Nail Care***Keys and Key Chains***Feminine Hygiene***Receipts***Paper Products***Cell Phones***Cigarettes***Insurance***Oral Care***Food/Gum/Beverages***Weapons***
Cameras***Healthcare***Electronics. How does your purse measure up to these categories? I had them all except Cigarettes, Feminine Products,and Weapons…unless you count the debit card…I can do major damage with that!

Quoting from the article…..