Hi, friends. I just returned from the prayer meeting for Alex. In case you don’t remember, our church is having special prayer time for him every Tuesday evening from 5:00-6:00. I just wanted to share with you what an amazing feeling it is to be surrounded by friends and family…all praying in one accord. It is so humbling and so precious. God meets our needs in many different ways. At this time in our lives, he is using our church family to stand in the gap with us for Alex. Our pastor said tonight that God put Alex in this family, in this church for a specific reason. And his reasons may be for the Lord to do a work in our church…it may be for Him to do a work in our family…it may be for him to do a work in me or Don. My prayer tonight is that I will have open ears to hear the Lord if I am in the way of Him doing what He wants. I want to know if I am not being obedient to Him, so I can remedy that. I just want God to work…and I believe that He can. I believe with my whole heart that God can heal Alex in the blink of an eye. He’s done it before…why not with my child? I also know that God’s plans do not always include healing…in this world. But, my heart’s desire is for Alex to have a better quality life…to be able to LIVE life. This is what I pray…in Jesus’ name.

A special thanks to my brother-in-love, Tommy and my Pop for being there tonight…as well as my sisterfriend, Tina. My sister, Joy, came out and stayed with Alex so I could go tonight. Oh, how wonderfully blessed I am by family and friends! I do not take it for granted.