O.K. If you haven’t read this book, you’ve missed a treat. And, if you have any women in the 50 and above category on your gift list…this is sure to please. If you are younger than 50…you just probably won’t “get it.”

Judith Viorst writes in her book, I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK, about things common to all of us “seasoned women.” She writes 15 different essays, and if some of them don’t make you laugh out loud…something is terribly wrong with your laugh box! She is witty, clever, and brutally honest. Because it is in essay form, this book does not require much time at a sitting. But, it is so funny and so truthful, you may be like me, and read it all at once! I think she must have read my very own thoughts for some of her writing. You’ll see…she probably read yours, too!

I can guarantee the recipient will love it…just 1 word of caution. You’d better buy 2, cause you’ll want one for yourself, too.

Order from Amazon.com…..$12.00…..or available at most any bookstore.

Another in a series of fun gift ideas brought to you by Gatherings.