Pop had his doctor visit yesterday and he didn’t get the news he wanted. However, it is not at all bad. The doctor was very pleased with his progress. He is healing well, and regaining his strength very nicely. They want to do a colonoscopy in a few weeks to see if everything has healed well, and if so…they will schedule him for surgery to reverse the colostomy. So, a few more weeks of waiting. In the grand scheme of things…this is minor. Pop was a little disappointed, but he knows there is wisdom in waiting. As I told Pop when he told me the news, the night you were in the emergency room and the doctor came in to explain everything to us…we had prayer with the doctor and asked God to give him wisdom to do what was needed and to guide his hands during the surgery. We must trust that God is still answering that prayer, and still guiding the doctor. God IS in control.