Tomorrow, Pop, my dad, goes back to the Doctor. For the past month, he could tell you how many days, hours and seconds it was until the big day. Now, he usually is not so excited to see the doctor…but he has a special reason this time. 6 months ago , Pop had a ruptured colon and came close to leaving this world. The doctors fixed him up, but he was left with a colostomy to deal with. Now,we were all so thankful to God for sparing him…but he was not at all happy with this new addition to his body. We are a very close family, all living in the same town. We have faced some severe health issues both in the past and now, so we were able to accept this and do what was necessary to get him better. As he began to get better, we had to learn to deal with the colostomy and all that goes with it. Not a problem. Mom, myself, and my oldest son, Adam, all went through the training so we would know what to do. However, Adam decided that Pop’s colostomy care was to be HIS responsibility. And so it has been. He has arrived at Pop’s house as needed to help him shower, change all the paraphanelia, and get settled. I must say, this has filled my heart with joy. I’m so proud of him. As are Pop and Mom. Pop was able to begin to do some of the care himself, and now he doesn’t need Adam as much…but Adam is always available on a minutes notice. What sweet memories for a grandfather and grandson. You know, God has a way of sending us little blessings in the midst of suffering and hardships. Well, Pop is 80, and a very active man. He has been a motorcycle rider all his life and still rode up until this surgery. He is raring to go now and get back to his life. So when he goes to the doctor tomorrow, he will find out if he has healed enough for them to reverse the colostomy. This is the true desire of his heart and the rest of the family, as well. He will be so disappointed if the doctor is not ready yet. My prayer is that God will continue the healing process and guide the doctor to make the wisest decision. If that is to do the revearsal…great. But, if it is to wait a little longer…so be it. We’ll deal with that and whatever is to come. I know, and Pop knows, too, that God’s timing is perfect . It has always proven to be so in the lives of this family and will continue to be so. So, let the countdown begin….we’re ready.