Good ‘Ole Pop Tarts. They have been around for over 50 years, and still sell about 2 billion a year! I haven’t thought that much about them…other than picking up a box of 12 Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon for Alex at the grocery store each week. I used to buy quite a few when my boys were younger and still at home. Let’s see…Frosted Strawberry with sprinkles….Plain Blueberry, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon…Frosted. Those were always on my list! And, not just for breakfast…they ate lots of them for an after school snack. I figured, they must be healthy…they have fruit in them!!! 🙂

Pop Tarts are really not very exciting or worthy of much excitement. But in the last few weeks, they have been in the news several times.

1. The LA Times (LA…Los Angeles, not Lower Alabama) reports that W*lM*rt shipped huge quantities to Florida during a recent hurricane. Could you imagine Frosted Strawberry Pop Tarts being the food you’d go to in a weather catastrophe? I would at least have thought it would be the chocolate or brown sugar cinnamon! But, the people in Florida were sending out an SOS for more Pop Tarts!

2…..W*lM*rt had statistical data to prove the necessity of these deliveries. Enough data to warrant sending their 18 wheelers full of the pink treat right into the eye of the storm! If you should have the occasion to stockpile supplies, would you choose canned meat and vegetables…powdered milk…or Strawberry Pop Tarts?
3…..Not really the most nutritious snack….calories…219…83 from fat………. carbohydrates-32 g……..sugar-13 g……….BUT…NO cholesterol!!!
4…..Introduced in 1964 with 4 flavors, currently there are 28 flavors on the shelves while
22 flavors have been discontinued. There are some flavors that are available only in other countries. And, they even make Whole Grain Pop Tarts! Who knew?
5………The US Military air dropped 2.4 million boxes in Afghanistan during the invasion there.
6……And should you visit NYC, you can now visit the newest store in Times Square…….Pop Tart World! You can try new flavors, or their Pop Tart Sushi !?!, Make up boxes with the contents to your liking, and, of course…you can own a Pop Tart World T-Shirt!
Picture from NY Times
I know that it is only right that I ‘fess up to my Pop Tart consumption. For years I liked Plain Blueberry, warm from the toaster, with butter on top. Then, I tried the chocolate ones…because, CHOCOLATE ? it would have to be delicious. But, it wasn’t…I think they used some kind of faux chocolate. Bad idea ! Now, I will occasionally eat one…well two…of the Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. I classify them as ‘breakfast candy’. And, a little candy is good for the soul.
And, LOOK ! Just in time for that holiday that happens at the end of October…which I do not particularly care for, I’m just saying…..CHOC- O-LANTERN POP TARTS!

From the Pop Tarts web site, the yummy description…….

Choc-o-Lantern Chocolate Fudge

Chocolatey deliciousness all dressed up for Halloween – chocolate crust, fudgy filling, orange icing, and bat- and ghost-shaped sprinkles.

Happy snacking!