Don and I worked on hanging some more pics yesterday (FUN CITY !!!), and we finally got around to the pool bath.

This pic is just to show you the sink and faucet. It is an actual hammered copper bucket fitted with a drain. We picked a faucet that resembled an old pump.

This is a better picture of the vanity/sink stand. It is very distressed wood. I actually designed this piece. I drew it out on a paper napkin and gave it to our cabinet man. I think he did a great job. The soap actually sits on the bow of the sailboat!

In this pic you can see the colorful mirror. Notice there are vintage postcards from Hawaii stuck in the corners. You can also see the shower reflected in the mirror…complete with a flip/flop towel! There is also soap, shampoo and lotion made in Maui…so you can leave the bathroom with that fresh, island feel.:)

And this is the work we did today. It shouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes…in actuality, it was more like 1 hour and 10 minutes! However, it looks great…to us. We both LOVE Maui, and the feeling we get from being on that beautiful island. Even though we did not start off planning to bring the island feel in here…it just seemed to work out that way. And, when we found this cool art when we were there in October, we just had to have them! They are actually painted on 3 boards joined in the back. And, no, the towels hanging out do not indicate anyone has been swimming yet…I just like the color it gives the room. Still looking for a sea grass mat for the floor.

So, if you can’t make it over to Maui this year…come for a swim, and then clean up in the Island Bath. ALOHA!