I meant to show this pic with the other one yesterday. This is a silly little wind chime that I bought several years ago at a craft show. I know that it is kinda tacky, but it makes me smile…(what does that say about me,huh?) It is not a particularly beautiful sound like my bigger chimes, but it is pleasing in its own way. More of a tinkling sound. Scooter always walks to that tree each time he ‘tours’ the yard. I wonder if it reminds him of our other house? Can you guess what kind of bottles these are? Think of them puffed up and brown in color?

Does anyone remember those wind chimes that were everywhere when we were younger? They were sort of Asian looking. They were very thin glass strips hung in a circle…sometimes 1 tier, sometimes 2 tiers. They were cheap and very fragile. I have not seen any in years, but I would love to find some. They, if memory serves me correctly, had such a delicate sound that I loved.

I also LOVE bamboo chimes…because it is such a natural sound…very reed-like. And then there are the capiz shell type that you can find so easily at the beach.

Thanks for listening to me reminisce tonight. I think one of the loveliest gifts God gives to us is music. And, so much the better, when you hear in the great outdoors!
***the bottles are the little bottles of syrup you get at Cracker Barrel when you have their pancakes or hot, buttered biscuits…YUMMY! They melt them, and add colors. Neat, huh?***