>>> Straight talk for Republicans and Democrats.
>>> Most Americans are aware of Bill Lear, because of his
>>> Lear Jet business; however, he has accomplished much more,
>>> as you can see at this link: William P. Lear —
>>> Britannica Online Encyclopedia . His opinions are worth a
>>> read:
>>> A Humble Plea to McCain and Obama Supporters:
>>> Dear friends,
>>> I am truly astonished by the ignorance Obama
>>> supporters have displayed
>>> in their quest to get someone – ANYONE – into the
>>> White House. Now, wait
>>> a minute. I can well understand your dislike or even
>>> hatred of our clown, GWB, but he is not the root cause of
>>> all of our problems. Our Congress
>>> is. And a change there would be welcomed by all. You
>>> ain’t gonna get
>>> it done with Obama. You gotta fire the whole damnable
>>> crooked Congress.
>>> (Read my book, ‘BERNIE’S WAR!’).
>>> Perhaps I’m looking at all of this from a
>>> different perspective than you
>>> because my life experiences have been so different
>>> from yours. I’m
>>> 80-years old and have traveled the world where
>>> I’ve seen a great deal.
>>> I spent five years on active duty as a fighter pilot
>>> in the USAF and
>>> another seven years flying with the Air National
>>> Guard in California and Texas as well as a few years flying
>>> in the USAF Reserve. I spent three years on active duty in
>>> Germany flying Czech border patrol with ‘cold guns’
>>> in
>>> aircraft inferior to the MIG during the Korean
>>> ‘Police Action’ when it
>>> was thought that Korea was a diversion for a Soviet
>>> invasion of Western
>>> Europe.
>>> I lived abroad for a total of 28 years. Three years
>>> in Germany, twenty
>>> years in Switzerland and five years in Great Britain
>>> where I was based
>>> doing ‘spook’ work for the U.S. behind the
>>> Iron Curtain before it fell.
>>> During that era of the Cold War I ventured to Moscow,
>>> Prague, Warsaw,
>>> Bucharest, Peshawar, Pakistan and Bulgaria posing as
>>> a Swiss
>>> French-speaking arms dealer purchasing weapons we
>>> surreptitiously
>>> supplied to the Afghani Mujahedeen in their
>>> successful fight against the Soviets all of which came back
>>> to haunt us. I’ve been there and done that and have had
>>> close associations with top government people in Germany,
>>> the Netherlands and Great Britain. I’ve had more foreign
>>> affair experience than Obama could ever dream of and, yet,
>>> wouldn’t have the temerity to deign myself
>>> ‘Presidential’ material; although I feel eminently
>>> more qualified to judge who would NOT be best for our
>>> country. My long-time world experience should count for
>>> something in my plea to you to abandon this miscreant flake.
>>> You will only be doing yourself and our country an enormous
>>> disservice if you persist in your support of this
>>> flash-in-the-pan opportunist. On this, you MUST trust me.
>>> I’ve associated closely with European royalty and
>>> African politicians.
>>> I’ve traveled to the Far East to observe their
>>> cultures. My point is that Obama, although formally well
>>> educated and a brilliant orator, is a
>>> neophyte when it comes to understanding the world and
>>> is uniquely
>>> unqualified for the job as President of these great
>>> United States. His
>>> knowledge of economics is nil and his tax proposals
>>> absurd and
>>> life-threatening to the U.S. not only in economic
>>> terms but in
>>> preserving our national security as well. I don’t
>>> want a ‘citizen of the world’ to be President, I
>>> want a citizen of the good old USA to be President.
>>> Screw the rest of the world as they have well and
>>> truly screwed us. The time has come for us to awaken and
>>> start looking after ourselves. Now THAT would be CHANGE if
>>> that’s what you’re looking for.
>>> While McCain has abstained from playing ‘the
>>> race-card’, Obama is
>>> playing it to the hilt even though he’s
>>> technically not an African-American.
>>> To qualify for this distinction you must be at least
>>> one-sixth black.
>>> Obama is only one-eighth. His father would be, as he
>>> was one-sixth. No,
>>> Obama is more Muslim than black yet he trades on his
>>> blackness.
>>> The larger question I have about him is that we
>>> really don’t know much
>>> about him other than what HE tells us, what we read
>>> on blogs and from
>>> some serious non-partisan investigators whose factual
>>> reports are,
>>> unfortunately, generally ignored and which receive
>>> precious little
>>> media exposure.
>>> I, as a registered Independent, a military veteran
>>> and a patriot,
>>> beseech you to put aside party considerations and
>>> vote for the lesser of the two evils. Yes, I am NOT a McCain
>>> supporter, but he is, at least, not a
>>> flake, doesn’t carry Muslim baggage and is a
>>> PROVEN hero and patriot
>>> WITH experience. It’s not a party issue. It’s
>>> all about electing the best
>>> we can trust with what we’ve got to work with.
>>> Mr. Obama is NOT that guy.
>>> Please, please rethink your voting position.
>>> Thanks for reading my innermost thoughts. I care
>>> about all of you, but
>>> I care more about our country. Please help me to do
>>> both.
>>> William P. (Bill) Lear, Jr.
>>> lear@cfl.rr.com
>>> (386) 763-5051