Recently I went to a luncheon at a lovely establishment about 15 miles from my home. Now I live in a smallish town…but this is what we would call “out in the country.” It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed my short trip there. When I was going through the even smaller town where this luncheon was to be held, I had to cross a set of railroad tracks. As I approached, I noticed the crossing bars were down and the lights were flashing. The train was not moving, but I had plenty of time, so I didn’t mind the wait. Looking around, I noticed a run down gas station on one side of me and a convenience store on the other. In a few minutes a young man with a large drink, a bag of chips and a sandwich came out of the convenience store. He walked past my car and motioned for me to go around the bars and go on across the tracks. Now I am a fairly intelligent woman, even though I admit that there are some mysteries about this world that leave me puzzled. But this I do know…when the bars are down and the lights are flashing at a railroad crossing….you do NOT cross the tracks. So, I smiled and nodded and stayed right where I was. I mean did this dude think I was some sort of imbecile who would take his word and cross the tracks? And why was he telling me this anyway? Like I would believe some stranger in dirty clothes who ate his lunch at the Zippy-Mart. No, thank you…I’ll sit right here and wait like I was taught to do long, long ago in drivers ed and in countless reminders by my parents. So, I sat…and watched… Imagine my surprise when this man strode up to the train, swung himself up into the front, gave 3 toots on the whistle, and took off down the tracks! And …he waved and tipped his hat as he passed my car.